Vericode Collect – Aggregation processes

Fast, flexible and reliable solution to aggregate cases and pallets in order to compliance with international pharmaceutical regulations

Thanks to an integrated high resolution camera, folding boxes can be scanned and verified instantly layer by layer for aggregation processes. The elaborate code reading algorithm automatically detects one or two dimensional codes even with small module sizes irrespectively of their packing direction in the case. This facilitates the setup of jobs and recipes. Vericode-collect is designed for the aggregation of cases or pallets in accordance with recent GMP guidelines. It is a complete system of aggregation processes for pharmaceutical serialized production.

Aggregation processes



  • Integrated code-scan which captures 1D and 2D codes automatically, irrespectively of their packing direction
  • Wireless hand-held scanner and cradle for the control and collection of parent-codes on cases and pallets
  • Workbench with electrical height adjustment
  • Lockable castor wheels for flexible relocation to the proximity of production and packaging lines
  • Monitor 15” touchscreen
  • Highspeed label printer
  • Complies with GMP guidelines.
Metapack Aggregation Solutions
Aggregation Solution Metapack
Aggregation Solution Metapack