AluScan – in line inspection system of Alu microholes

AluScan is a high-capacity and compact machine capable to detect the integrity of each processed trays (in-line / off-line). The tray, guided by a width-adjustable system, is conveyed by a motorized infeed belt under the vision unit. A specific lighting system, adjustable in width, guarantees the detection of microholes and abrasions for the 100% of trays surface. Thanks to this specific system it is possible, in addition to checking the bottom of the processed tray, to check its edges.

If any damage of tray is detected (holes or tears), the product that has just been checked is recorded as non-conforming product and automatically rejected by a dedicated rejection station.

Alu microholes inspection

In the dual track version, it is possible to connect two machines upstream and check two product lines in parallel, simultaneously. The machine is equipped with pivoting wheels with brakes that are useful for moving it to the selected production line or for working offline. Adjustable feet allow the machine to be adjusted in height according to operator requirements. The HMI allows the complete management of the entire machine and production. The operator access to the machine is password-protected and subject to a user-level access scheme, in accordance with 21CFR Part 11.

Image module



Flexible inspection machine with high resolution linear camera, able to detect micro-holes:

  • In-line inspection system – 100% surface
  • Easy and 100% automatic
  • Very flexible range of trays size
  • Very easy to change format
  • Automatic rejection system for non-conforming products
  • In compliance with industry 4.0
  • Open to Mes infrastructure
  • End of production report with the statistic of detected irregularities
Image module
Image module