VeriBox – Glue And Folding Inspection System

Glue and Folding Inspection System, named Veribox machine, is the innovative vision system for the 100% verification of the coverting quality parameters of carton boxes:

  • Glue presence, leaks and pattern control

Installed on board of a casemaker, VeriBox assures that the converting process is carried out according to the agreed quality parameters, measured and verified on the 100% of the boxes delivered:

  • Folding Control
  • Orientation/Die-Cut Control


VeriBox is a machine vision system with high-definition cameras specifically conceived for being installed on board of case making machines. The system acquires images and process them in real time for every box being converted. The image processing includes measurements and  computation of quality features of the glue pattern and of  the folded box allowing to detect and track boxes whose parameters and dimensions are out of specifications.

Every dimension and quality feature computed is shown in real time allowing the operator to react and correct the process. The quality parameters are recorded and the system provides reports with the trends of the quality parameters detected.

VeriBox MMI has been conceived specifically for providing the operator with an easy and intuitive tool, aimed to help him in controlling the converting process.

  • A necessary tool to know and keep on track with the converting process and machinery
  • The only way to guarantee a proved quality of the product
  • The only way to avoid returns and claims for non-conformances
  • A clear way to deliver high value to Customers.


  • Missing glue
  • Defective/incomplete glue pattern
  • Glue pattern dimensions
  • Glue residuals/leaks


  • Slit alignement and dimensions
  • Folding squareness
  • Presence of debrids


  • Correct orientation of the carton
  • Correct direction of travel


VeriBox can handle batch production sessions and the recording of all the relevant information related to the production session.

The job order details and the quality parameters of the production are recorded. At the completion of the production session, a complete report is produced and stored in a secure way in the system. The report provides job order details, production time and efficiency, number of rejects, trend and statistical data for each quality parameter and dimensions being under inspection, along with its mean value, sigma and so on.

The system can be connected to the company LAN for sharing the data over the Company Information System.


VeriBox can be installed and integrated on board of any casemaker kind. It is conceived and built for withstanding the real environmental conditions of the corrugated boxed production plants.

VeriBox  includes a tracking system that allows to track the reject downstream of the inspection positions (Glue station / Folding Station) – Metapack can supply customised rejection systems in order to allow an automatic reject of every non conforming box.

VeriBox Folding Inspection Metapack



  • 100% control on glue application
  • Accurate measurement of glue pattern features and tolerance conformance
  • Assuring glue pattern is in position on the carton, within given tolerances
  • 100% control on glue folding process, assuring for glued edges being correctly overlapped
  • Multi-camera system with high speed line-scan cameras
  • Easy and intuitive HMI, touch screen based, with recipe management, multilevel operator access, selective tolerance settings and batch reporting system
  • Conceived for being easily installed on existing case-making machines
  • Camera and illumination system conceived for withstanding dust and heavy-duty environments
  • Rejection system can be customised according the hosting machine