Vericode plus is an advanced Machine Vision System which combines 1D/2D/OCR/OCV  decoding of variable data with print quality inspection in one high performance inspection system. Vericode Plus can be supplied with different configurations so to cope with virtually any print processes, from single label print inspection to large scale, fast digital printing on narrow web processes.

Any combination of alphanumeric strings and 1D/2D codes are decoded and  verified in real-time against the expected data, available on a database or fixed during the batch run. Decoding is combined with print quality inspection (ink in excess or missing, tone mismatch, blurs, streaks, smears, foreign ink/graphics and so forth), on print areas with a static content.

In case of verification against a database (option available for serialised  productions) Vericode Plus includes data reconciliation procedures that can be customised according to the specific printing or converting process in order to guarantee secured serialised production batches.

Barcodes grading is integral part of data inspection. Grades are in compliance with the standards ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, AIM DPM-1-2006, and SEMI T10. Thanks to high resolution line scan cameras can fully scan and acquire all web width to analyse the entire page width and length. Double camera configurations are available for the front/back side inspection (duplex system configuration).

Vericode Plus Metapack Solutions



  • Accurate Print Quality inspection and Fast decoding in one system
  • RGB or Monochrome Image processing
  • Flexible on Image acquisition hardware, from Line Scan to CIS or area scan cameras
  • Scalable on Image processing HW
  • Configurable I/Os for results and interfacing to hosting machines
  • Batch based production run with integrated batch reporting system
  • Password-protected selective access
  • Option for Database verification of decoded data and reconciliation procedures
  • Option for compliance with 21CFR Part 11
  • Option for master-slave communication protocol for integration on hosting machines
  • Option for PDF proofing
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Vericode plus – Application Fields

Narrow or Wide Web digital print processes with data
changing over print repeats
Late Stage Customization
Late stage customisation of packaging materials
In Line Off Line Inspection
In-line or off-line variable data inspection for packaging processes
Invoices, bank notes, lottery tickets, security labels, documents and security printing