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The project focus is to raise the level of IT security.

The amount of the requested contribute is Euro 6.490,53. The main points of the project are:

  • Analysis of the current infrastructure and creation of integrated parts;
  • Increased security of physical access to computer data and design a new CED;
  • Installation of a server operating system currently compliant with the GDPR;
  • Installation of email scanning software (antispam) and mail archiving software;
  • Installation of Centralized antivirus software with EDR component and control of mobile units;
  • Installation of Hard disk encryption software;
  • Server hardware fitting, in order to ensure correct functionality of new systems;
  • Perimeter protection of the LAN network and integration of an additional firewall;
  • Encrypted backup system for client and server PCs;
  • PC hardware update in order to support new operating system.