Laser printing technology

The main application of the direct printing system performed by laser printing head, is the direct marking of small plastic vials (e.g. for oftalmology – sterile) that cannot be labeled.

An infeed belt equipped with guides allows the alignment, the transportation and the entry of vials into the machine body, before the printing / control / rejection station. The steps of the processing vials are:

  • Laser printing system that allows to print variable data
  • Camera group that allows to perform the print quality inspection
  • Rejection station for non-conforming products
  • Outlet channel for compliant products

A manually vibrating orientator can be installed upstream of the Direct Marking Machine, allowing the automatic feeding and orientation of vials.

This technology allows to print directly on vials which cannot be labelled, (e.g if the are sterilised afterwords).

One more application developed by Metapack is a machine able to identify aerosols prinitng always on the same calculated area. Laser system allows to print on a curved surface without dynamic orientation in case to print on the bottom of the aerosol.

The system is fully managed by a panel PC, whose software has been designed to manage both features (printing and control) and allows the alarms. The Operator enters the machine with password thanks to a user level access matrix, in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

A dedicated control panel includes the emergency buttons (start, stop and reset) and the LAN / USB access.

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Direct Marking Machine is a compact machine with high production capacity that allows the following main features:

  • Conveys the vials to the printing and control station;
  • Print variable data with laser technology;
  • Verifies the printing on vials
  • Detects printing anomalies;
  • Rejects the non-compliant products into a dedicated rejection box.
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