Late stage customization of labels and cartons – Drop on Demand (DOD -UV)

The new Drop On Demand printing head provides a cross-system printing and coding solution for applications in a variety of industries. The DOD UV technology impresses with its outstanding print quality, high speed, offering a scalable print from 54 mm and working on a large number of substrates.

DOD UV technology is able to drive reflow print heads in various orientations, including horizontal, vertical and skyscraper way. These solutions guarantee many possibilities for serialization, late stage customization (1D, 2D codes, pictures and text elements) of a wide range of products. Thanks to its flexibility, this approach allows production of small batches with high cost efficiency, in terms of logistics and warehousing.

High resolution – up to 720 dpi

A resolution up to 720 dpi allows the finest details and contours to be displayed optimally – even for smallest font sizes down to 3 points.

Contrast and durability

In combination with the special developed UV LED curable inks, the Drop On Demand printing solution satisfies all requirements regarding availability, reliability and usability of the systems that are equipped with the new printer generation. The printouts produced with DOD UV technology are lightfast and resistant to water, solvent, and wear.

Automated cleaning (option)

Drop On Demand is one of the most efficient printing systems. The fully automated cleaning of the ink jet nozzles ensures consistently perfect print quality and best availability with minimum maintenance by the user.

Image module



Drop On Demand printing system on labels, cartons and blisters, guarantees print high quality and definition. It means:

  • Less expensive rejects or batch recalls
  • More efficient usage of the available space in the label layout
  • Maximum resistance of the labels to abrasions that can develop in the further production stages or within the outer packages.
  • Maximum resistance to solvents, e.g. at the final usage destination.

Applications field

  • Vericode VS – late stage customization of flat cartons (pharmaceutical)
  • Vericode Wally – late stage customization of flat cartons (cosmetics, food and so forth)
  • Vericode Cases – print on corrugated cases
  • DigiPro Label Near-line – late stage customization of labels
  • DigiPro label Roll-to-Roll – late stage customization of labels (off-line overprinting)
  • Vericode Blister – print on sealed blister
  • Alu foil blister – Print on Alu-foil blister
  • Vericode BFS – print on Blow Fill Seal unit doses