Vericode Easy-Collect – End of line aggregation system

The simplest solution for end-of-line aggregation

The Easy-Collect station allows to manually carry out carton-case aggregation. The unit is a free-standing machine which can be placed at the end of the line where an operator can scan manualy each carton and place it in the case under the assistance of the machine.

When the target number of cartons-per-layers is reached, the machine advises the operator that the next layer can start or that the carton is completed. In the latter case, the machine can generate the aggregation label for the case so that the operator can close the carton, apply the aggregation label on the closed case and confirm the closing of the case by scanning the aggregation label with the hand-scanner provided.

The machine can also assist in the reworking on a closed case. When the number of cases per pallet is reached the machine advises the operator that the pallet aggregation label can be generated. The dialog continues until the batch is closed. At this point the machine can return the aggregation data to the upper Level of the serialization infrastructure.

The machine has been conceived so to connect to any L2 or L3 serialization infrastructure: appropriate drivers can be provided at this purpose.



  • Stainless steel frame
  • Camera system with integrated illumination placed in a fixed position behind a clear reference screen
  • Traceability system for the tracing of the coded cartons into layers being built on board the box filler
  • Hand-held bar code reader
  • Electrical cabinet with integrated 15” touch screen monitor and integrated UPS unit
  • Thermal transfer label printer, 4” – 300 DPI
  • Aggregation Software for the complete management of the serialised production at the end-of-line

End of line aggregation process

End of Line aggregation process

End of Line aggregation process