About Bottle Rinsing Inspection, Metapack has developed and installed systems for the automatic inspection of the bottle rinsing to be installed on any rinser or filling monoblock. The system inspects the rinsing jet and the actual spraying while they develop inside the bottle: in real time and on 100% of the bottles.

Machines for rinsing and sterilising are nowadays more and more reliable, but a different matter is to really guarantee that every single bottle is properly rinsed and sterilised according to a given and controlled set of rules on the entire production. Metapack guarantees that every single bottle receive the correct amount and distribution of the spraying up to the bottom and all over the bottle walls.

Bottle Rinsing Inspection Metapack


  • It can be installed on board the rinser or the monoblocs
  • A simple and friendly MMI
  • Real-time rejection of the detective bottles
  • Accurate and complete reporting on the 100% of the product
  • Immediate feedback on detective valves or clamps