The range of ILB machines provides a complete solution for empty bottle inspection. Sturdily built with a S/S clean design, the ILB inspecting machines smoothly and reliably inspect:

  • Shape for foreign bottle interception
  • Presence of foreign objects, either of low or high density, on the bottle sidewalls
  • Cracks, defects and uncleaned portions on the bottle side walls
  • Integrity of the bottle rim, finish and threads
  • Dirt, foreign objects, liquid residuals on the bottle bottom wall

Bottle inspection is carried out with a state-of-the-art multi-camera machine vision system, associated to specific optical setup for each camera station, associated to a real-time, PLC-based system tracking each bottle during the linear inspection path.

The bottle conveying system relies on a servomotor design and on a positive bottle conveying system provided with precise handwheel adjustments, based on low-wearing, fast change-over,  side belts.

Rejection is carried out by a single rejector or by a progressive rejection system, according to the line speed and bottle type.

Format change over is carried out in minutes and without any tool. Automatic, servomotor based, adjustments  are available as an option.

Empty Bottle Inspections - Metapack Solutions



  • Cost-effective, sturdily built for reliable empty bottle inspection
  • Full encoder tracking and sequence monitoring
  • Full stainless steel design
  • IP65 touch screen HMI
  • Integrated database for recipes and reject image storage and analysis
  • Minimum cost for wear change parts
Empty Bottle Inspection Metapack
Empty Bottle Inspection Metapack