Printing variable data (OCR-OCV) such as Batch and Expiry dates on packed products is nowadays a more demanding task for production lines.

More print quality is required as well as more versatility, for a wider range of printing materials and surfaces.  In addition, a 100% OCR-OCV inspection is required to avoid expensive recalls from the market.

Metapack has a wide experience in providing print&check systems for any packaging process, including difficult environments such as frozen food factories or wet bottling halls.

We support customers by advising for the most suitable and efficient printing system combined with the best machine inspection set-up. This solution provides an integrated system that can guarantee 100% verified variable data on each product on the line.

Our proposals always supply turn-key systems. Especially in case of existing lines, we are responsable for integrating the system by providing the necessary mechanical and software interfaces which are necessary for the deployment and take over of the system.

ID CODES and OCR-OCV Inspection



  • Typical printing/marking technologies
  • TIJ – sealed cartridge – printing systems
  • DOD UV high quality printers
  • Thermal transfer
  • Machine inspection with either area-scan or line-scan cameras
  • Special camera set-up for long texts and codes, even printed on the bottom of the packages running on conveyors (e.g. laser printing on the bottom of plastic cups)
  • OCR/OCV inspection – Print quality inspection – ID codes verification
  • Customized reject systems, added to the line or integrated in existing packaging machines
  • Connection to MRP or SCADA infrastructures for automating the variable data set-up
  • Monitoring and recording features for rejects