1D/2D Codes, Variable data, Text and Logos with DOD UV, 300DPI, Technology

With the new FX300 ink-jet printer 1D/2D codes, variable data and logos can be printed seamlessly with an unprecedented quality directly on the corrugated boxes.

Thanks to the 300DPI resolution and to the UV fixation of the ink, the print is so precise and stable that the application of logistic labels is no more necessary.

Image module
Image module

Installed on existing conveyors, the FX300 prints on the side of the cartons while they freely move along. All functions are managed on the touch-screen panel. The height of the print can be adjusted by the handwheel provided on the printer support. Print layouts, variable data can be set locally or via remote connection to ERP/MES systems.

Image module
Image module



  • DOD UV printing system – 300 DPI of resolution
  • Print head with 54 mm print swath – Multiple heads can provided for greater print swaths
  • Ink supplied in 1-liter bottles
  • Colors: Black, WHITE and PANTONE-specified
  • Possibility to print on other substrates such as plastic, expanded polystyrene and so on
  • Speed ​​up to 35 m / min
  • Drop size adjustable selectively on each print object
  • System with continuous recirculation: maximum readiness with virtually no maintenance
  • The prints are resistant to humidity and other environmental factors
  • It can be integrated on existing conveyors
  • Ready for connection to ERP/MES systems


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