Vericode AutoBox – In line aggregation system

The smart solution for end-of-line aggregation with a case packer

The AutoBox  station is conceived to be installed immediately before an automatic or semi-automatic Case Packer and allows to automatically build the in line aggregation list of the cartons filled in the box.
The “image” of the layers being formed on board of the case packer is built thanks to a set of interfacing signals that can be taken directly from the case packer.

Vericode Autobox machines are available with a Level 1 and Level 2 management system open to third-party L3 infrastructures.

The machine allows to:

  • identify pharmaceutical cartons by decoding printed codes;
  • reject products if they do not conform;
  • manage the reading of the “last product code” on each layer of cartons created by the case packer machine;
  • manage the production and communication with the L2 level of any change in the status of all serial numbers;
  • print the aggregation label and confirm its application by manual scanner acquisition;
  • communicate statuses and alarms with the cartoning machine.

The machine is equipped with an HMI and control interface that allows complete management of production and machine control. Operator access to the machine is password-protected and subject to a user-level access scheme, in compliance with 21CFR Part 11.

In line aggregation Vericode AutoBox



  • Camera system for the reading of each carton to aggregate
  • Second camera system for the verification of the box in the case packer
  • Hand-held bar code reader
  • Electrical cabinet with integrated 15” touch screen monitor and integrated UPS unit
  • Aggregation Software for the complete management with the serialized production at the end-of-line