Metapack provides advanced solutions for in-line or late-stage printing (&verification) solutions for packaging forms and processes, mainly but not limited to pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

With the new FX600-L DOD-UV printer it now is possible to print simultaneously on two panels at 90° of any erected cartons, in line, up to 70 m/min

The new FX600-L printer has been recently installed on a Metapack Track/Trace machine for a Customer in Italy who decided to stop using labels printed and applied in line on the corner of their cartons: a great saving in consumables and much improved feel&touch look, not to mention the very well-known resistance of the DOD-UV prints to abrasions and humidity.

FX600 printing unit: the core of the system

The FX600 printers are compact DOD-UV printing units that delivers superior print quality when printing variable data, fixed text, 1D-2D codes, logos and images on cartons, labels, plastic bottles, flexible packaging and many other packaging forms. The printing head includes an exclusive Ink Recirculation system which allows to print on top or on vertical walls of packaging forms, with the printer always ready to work even after long pauses.

Key features:

  • High resolution: up to 600 DPI, adjustable
  • 54 mm print swathe per module
  • Drop size adjustment (7 levels) – impressive grey level capability
  • Speed up to 70 m/min @300 DPI or 35 m/min @600 DPI
  • Can print in many orientations: Top, Side and Angled
  • Monochrome inks, including white
  • Extremely robust and reliable: no purge cycles, no solvents, ready for a good print on the first item even after long pauses.
  • Cost-effective UV Ink formulated in full compliance with EU REACH safety rules for SVHC.
Image module

The ink is provided in one-litre bottles. No-stop bottle change-over and no more guess on the actual ink level: it is monitored in real-time by a weight-scale integrated in the bottle holder, so after a refill you will always have the real value.

Print more and better, create savings, improve your packaging appearance and step on line efficiency: it is possible right now.