Labeling Machine (LTT-80R)

Labeling machine, named LTT-80R, is a high-performance machine in order to print variable data on adhesive labels, which are then applied on bottles/vials. The machine integrates a vision system by camera in order to perform print quality inspection including OCR / OCV inspection of human readable characters. Rejection system is also integrated in order to reject non-conforming products, related to printer error and bad labels application. One of the main features of LTT-80R is that Printing and inspection systems are integrated on board the labeler, just before the application station.

Two different printing systems can be configured, according to the requirement: cartridges or DOD-UV printing system.

The camera is installed on board the labeler, just before the application station. The system inspects each processed label that will be applied on vials/bottles.
The machine is equipped with an HMI and control interface that allows the management of the printing and camera systems, production status and the machine full parameters. The operator enters to the machine by password thanks to a user multi-level access matrix, in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
The system is managed by an industrial PC permanently connected by Ethernet connection with the printing system, the inspection system and the machine PLC.
A dedicated panel includes the emergency buttons (start button, stop button, reset button and the power selector).

Labeler machine is able to process labels by different managed speed. The system is able to operate with very flexible bottle/vial sizes; format change management can be performed easily, without additional tools.

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  • Labels are processed from rolls
  • The machine performs printing and inspection. Both systems are installed on board the labeler
  • Rewinds the label holder
  • Vials/bottles are processed by positive transport
  • Applies printed and inspected labels on bottles/vials and inspects the correct application
  • Rejects automatically the non-conforming products if they are not compliant in case of:
    • Printing error (content or position)
    • Application of label error
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