Vericode Identity Island – Manual aggregation system

Manual Track & Trace aggregation station

For production where flexibility is more important than capacity, Metapack can propose one comprehensive, still very affordable solution for the production of serialised batches. Identity Island is a manual aggregation system for end-of-line serializated production.

Vericode TTE machine can be associated to a simple end-of line equipment, for producing serialised cartons and aggregate them in cases and then in pallet. Vericode TTE machine in not only able to print, verify, apply tamper evident labels and vignettes, but can also dose the right number of cartons to be manually placed in open cases.

When a layer is completed, the machine waits for the operator acknowledge for restarting the production of the next layer until the case is completed. Being the master, TTE machine produces the aggregation labels for the case and waits for the operator to confirm the application of that label on the closed case. At this point  TTE machine will restart dosing out the carton for the first layer of the next case.

The same concept applies for the pallet: when the given number of cases-per-pallet has been reached, the TTE machine would warn the operator and generate the aggregation label for the pallet. Then it will wait for the confirmation from the manual scanner that the pallet-label has been applied.

This manual aggregation system is in fact an “identification Island” which can be interfaced directly at Level 3 of any serialisation- IT-infrastructure. A specific L2 VeriCode Software version allows to manage the entire process.



  • Highly flexible over format change over
  • Secure and HMI driven serialisation process
  • Can be used for rework, repackaging tasks
  • Complete serialization and aggregation solution at the lowest possible price

Manual aggregation