VERICODE TTE – Top Version

Top version for the serialization and application of TE labels, with Positive Transport - speed up from 20 to 450 ppm

The TTE machine is the most popular model among the VeriCode range of Mark & Verify machines for Pharmaceutical Serialization. It is the result of more than ten years of experience in the pharmaceutical lines for the in-line printing and verification of variabile data and 2D codes, where print and inspection are managed as one only process.

Conceived with a positive transport system with servo-driven flighted belts, the TTE model guarantees print accuracy at any speed within 20-450 cartons per minute.

The Vericode Track and Trace HMI Software, entirely developed by Metapack, allows to manage any aspect of the print and camera set-up from the same HMI, regardless of the adopted specific printing system. Among the key SW features: the agile management of print and camera layout that facilitates the setup of recipes and their management.

As well as any Vericode  Track and Trace machine, the HMI control software is conceived to work with the usual HP based printing systems (“thermal ink jet”, or “TIJ”), but is also prepared for other printing systems like laser, DOD UV and so on. Camera inspection is based on COGNEX vision systems, being Metapack a Certified System Integrator (CSI) of Cognex.

Vericode Track and Trace systems are all 21CFR-Part11 compliant.

Vericode Track and Trace machines are available with a proprietary L1-L2 management system that is opened to third-parties L3 infrastructures. TTE model is available to integrate any third-party L1 serialization management system. This flexibility and “open” approach to integrate third-party L2-L3 solutions is well appreciated as a future-proof feature.

TTE model is designed for boarding up to three concurrent Mark&Verify stations and for the application of Tamper Evident Labels on both flaps of the folding, with related verification. The machine can be also supplied complete of:

  •      Integrated Vignette application on the top of the cartons
  •      Infeed module with CheckWeigher and dedicated reject box,
  •      managed within the same machine HMI
  •      Double Reject Box
  •      Weight scale
Image module
TTE Machine Metapack

Scale integrated

TTE Machine Metapack

Label application (e.g. bollini)

TTE Machine Metapack

Tamper evident module