VERICODE – Vacuum system

Compact version with vacuum-based transport for productions over a wider format range – Speed up to 300 ppm

Vericode TTV model is the most flexible and compact version of machine capable of printing and verifying variable data and 2D codes on the widest range of pharmaceutical cartons. It manages print and machine vision processes as one integral system thanks to the VeriCode software, fully developed by Metapack.

Print and control can be done on the side or on the top of the carton, with no-tool change over in a fast way.

The main feature of Vericode TTV design is the carton transportation system which integrates an aligning side-belts section followed by a vacuum conveying section. This solution allows to process a wide range of cartons, very different in dimensions, in a stable and reliable way.

Print can be performed on the flap or on the top of the carton, with no-tool change over reduced to few minutes.

The encoder tracking based on the servomotor encoder allows to track the carton all along the print and verification process. At the end of the transport, a sensor checks that the correct input-output sequence is maintained in all the situations.

All general “VeriCode features” apply.  This model can board up to two concurrent Mark&Verify stations and can be optionally supplied complete of:

  • Integrated Vignette application on the top of the cartons
  • Infeed module with CheckWeigher and dedicated reject box, man aged within the same
    machine HMI
  • Double Reject Box
  • Frame on pivoting wheels, for being moved in different off-line operations
  • Weight scale
Image module