Mark and Verify: traceability systems

As regards the cosmetics sphere, Metapack provides mark and verify solutions, basically in the field of codes and variable data digital printing on cartons, labels, bottles and vials. Metapack integrates print inspection and quality control systems with these solutions. System is completed with software for the traceability of each individual product, from production to the final customer.

Metapack develops a wide range of solutions to protect cosmetic products from parallel markets and counterfeits. Our consolidated experience in marking and traceability systems in the pharmaceutical sphere and in the printing and control of variable data (1D and 2D codes) have led many cosmetic companies to integrate protection systems from parallel markets and product counterfeiting.

High quality of print and inspect are very important in the world of cosmetics customization. High quality systems of digital printing on cartons or labels of any logos and serial numbers, including 1d and 2D codes, have become fundamental for a high performance of packaging even in the presentation of variable data.

Integrating TIJ or DOD UV printing technologies, associated with  state-of-the art inspection systems, our range of solutions can currently cope any requirements when it comes to in-line or off-line cosmetic packaging processes.

Parallel markets

Parallel markets are often a major commercial problem for manufacturing companies. Cases in which a product sold through a professional sales network, is sold through unwanted ways are not uncommon, looking at some web commercial platforms. It’s not convenient to see your items in markets that you have not chosen and that are not compatible with the established trade policy.

Mark and Verify System has become a necessity to identify those who undermine your trade policy.


Counterfeiting question is a real problem in cosmetics market. Best-seller and most products can sometimes be counterfeited, especially if we operate in an international and multi-channel market. The scandals related to counterfeiting now affect all regions of the world and all types of products. Counterfeiters can easily and risklessly make such a profit both with basic and medium range products and with high-end brands. Increasingly, customers are questioning about the authenticity of each product.

Customers must be able to verify the authenticity of the products purchased. Mark and Verify Systems are very important in that way.


Opening a package without leaving any sign of tampering is very easy nowdays. Customers do not want a product that has already been opened or used by someone ealse. Metapack supplies a tamper evident system to seal all products.

It is sometimes necessary to seal the packaging to ensure the integrity of products.

Safety and traceability

The traceability of each product from production to the consumer is fundamental in terms of safety to identify potential reasons of non-compliance. It is very important to limit health risks by tracing each individual product, but also boxes and aggregate pallets.



  • Print and verify in one step
  • Digital printing DOD – UV tecnology
  • Marking system
  • Print any logos, 1D – 2D codes and variable data
  • Print on cartons
  • Print on Labels
  • Overprinting
  • Vision camera COGNEX
  • Labeller integrate



  • Marking with a unique code for each individual product (serialization)
  • Trace each product throughout the supply chain
  • Verify the authenticity of each product to distributors and consumers
  • Identify and authenticate each individual product without specific equipment
  • Reassure customers by allowing them to verify the authenticity of your products before purchasing