Blister Inspection

Blister Inspection Systems is a vision system developed by Metapack to control products in blister packs, such as capsules, tablets, ampoules or vials to be installed on board of the thermoforming. Developed with COGNEX technology, the system provides a control both color and tone of gray, for the complete inspection of the presence and defects of shape and/or coloring.

Ispezione di blister



  • Accuracy of inspection with high definition system
  • Designed for integration aboard the machine operator
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Predisposed for selective discarding Shift-Register system
  • Compatible with the 21 CFR PATr 11 directives
Blister Inspections Metapack
Blister Inspections Metapack
Blister Inspections Metapack

Digiline Blister

Digiline Blister single machine has been conceived and realised for the late stage customization of filled and sealed blisters, i.e. by printing on the aluminium surface of each single blister  with the industry proven DOD UV technology. The machine can be used as a stand-alone unit or in line, feeding the cartoner or being fed by the blister machine.

The printing process relies on the industry-proven DOD UV digital printing system, widely used in many sectors for digital high-quality printing. Digiline Blister machine can be equipped with one or more heads, each one providing one single colour print and with print width of 36, 72  or 144 mm.

The final curing is provided by the “SMARTCURE” unit, a UV lamp which activates the ink polymerisation (curing) in a fraction of a second, i.e. immediately compared to the travel speed.

After being printed, the blisters travel under the Inspection camera which can provide two main types of inspections:

  • OCR/OCV of variable data and ID control of barcodes (1D and 2D) –
  • Full print quality inspection (option)

Because the print is on an aluminium surface, the camera system works with a linear camera associated to an illumination system which assures for no reflections are generated by the aluminium, for guaranteeing a correct image acquisition of the printed layout