Blow Fill Seal Monodoses

Coding solutions for Blow Fill Seal Monodose is the new system developed by Metapack for the direct printing on Blow Fill Seal types of containers. Blow Fill Seal Monodoses machines can operate with any material including PVC, PP, ABS, PET, HDPE.

Specifically, Metapack has developed Digiline Monodose machine.  It has a conveying system designed for the purpose of precisely conveying Blow Fill Seal containers of any type and geometry. The machine can be placed in line, with containers being fed along one track and at any random pitch. The system can print at a conveying speed up to 60 m/min.

Printing technology is performed by a DOD UV printing system. The ink is instantaneously cured and each Blow Fill Seal printed is then inspected by the camera inspection system integrated into the printing head. Non-conforming products are rejected automatically into the reject box provided.

Digiline Monodose machine is compact in dimensions and can be easily installed in existing lines. As an option, the machine can integrate a labelling unit for adhesive labels. By this unit, print can be either directly on the Blow Fill Seal and/or on the labels applied prior to printing.

Digiline Monodose Metapack Solutions


  • Allow direct printing on BFS for variable data but also for text and logos
  • Avoid solvent-based low resolution inkjet marking
  • Combine labeling and printing of BFS in one machine
  • 100% inspection on the BFS coded
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Metapack Coding Solutions
Metapack Coding Solutions