Metascan 2D is an industrial barcode scanner that, thanks to a flexible system, can avoid any type of mix-up on packaging processes.
Developed for being integrated on board packaging machines, the METASCAN 2D barcode scanner allows to check the identifying codes of packaging materials being used on different types of machines such as

  • Cartoning machines
  • Labellers
  • Leaflet folding machines

System is essentially composed by a processing unit, with integrated touch screen HMI, and by a number of barcode readers, for 1D and 2D codes, and machine vision sensors, integrated on board the hosting machine.

Every packaging cycle is checked against possible mix-up or non-conformance of the packaging elements used in the process, mainly by verifying each identifying  code on the packaging elements used. Additional inspection can be done by verifying the position of a given printed pattern or against unprinted material (eg. unprinted inserts).

For manual packaging operations it is available a special version based on hand-held scanner.

Image module


  • Easy configuration for any type of packaging machine
  • Encoding of any automatic code, however oriented
  • Compact and powerful camera readers- and not laser beam ones- of the latest generation, that detect and decode barcodes and two-dimensional codes (as Datamatrix) in a wide field of view and with any orientation, also in strongly variables positions
  • Possibility to install any number of readers, also distributed on multiple machines
  • Compact control unit with touch-screen display easily integrable aboard the machine, equipped with digital I/O and Ethernet interface for remote connection also (for reports’ production, supervision, etc.)
  • Possibility to also integrate the OCV control for variable data