Vericode VS is a complete system for overprinting either flat die-cuts or glued-flat folding cartons with either DOD UV or TIJ technology and includes a camera system for 100% inspection and a reject system for non conforming products.

Intended for late stage the late-stage customization of folding cartons, the machine can print any logos, variable data and serial numbers, including 1d and 2D codes. Very flexible on formats, the machine can include as an option a labeling station for pressure sensitive labels to be applied on the cartons being processed.

The Metapack machine  is provided with an adjustable feeder and, thanks to a precision conveying system and to a positive aligner prior to print, it can overprint precisely with register control against the pre-printed layout of the cartons.

Finished product can be collected manually on the final conveyor. The user can set the desired number of cartons to be placed in boxes: when the number is reached, the collection conveyor creates a space between cartons being queued for collection so to allow the operator to fill boxes with that given number of cartons.

Possible configuration of the printing unit:

  • DOD UV: 36, 72, 144 or 210 mm wide, Speed up to 60 m/min@360 DPI or 25 m/min@720 DPI
  • TIJ: up to 16 printing heads of ½ “ each – up to 72 m/min at 300 DPI – 36m/min @600DPI DPI
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For CMOs producing serialized packaging, Metapack can provide SerialMaster, a server software allowing the complete management cycle of serialized production with Vericode Vs machines.

Installed on a server PC, SerialMaster is a complete management platform for serialiazed production, provided with multi-level, password protected, access and manages:

  • Customer data
  • Production formats, including layout for any regulated standards (EU codes, China codes, Brasil, Korea and so forth)
  • Pulls of serial numbers, either generated within the system or provided by Customers via import procedures.
  • Production batch definition
  • Production batch launch and monitoring
  • QC release procedures
  • Production reports, with exporting procedures for final Customers

Thanks to a secure database management system, SerialMaster and the connected VeriCode VS machines avoid that no one serial number can be replicated, with a full guaranteed for unique numbers being produced.

Overall Dimensions

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  • Conveying width: 450 mm
  • Carton width: 80-470 mm
  • Conveying speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Encoder tracking of each carton, with sequence Vs position control
  • Touch screen HMI integrating print & inspection control, with optional 21CFR part 11 management system
  • Ready for being connected to IT infrastructures for serialized production
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