Print vision system

Metapack supplies solutions for print vision system . Since 2007, when we installed our first “Datamatrix” station with print vision system , we have continued to develop solutions for print and vision systems on board the machines.

Metapack machines can integrate DOD-UV or TIJ printing technologies associated with cutting-edge inspection systems. Our range of solutions can currently cope any requirements when it comes to in-line and off-line pharma serialization processes.

Print vision system is based to camera systems on board the machines. Camera inspection is based on COGNEX vision systems, being Metapack a Certified System Integrator (CSI) of Cognex.

Over the years, Metapack has developed many kind of print and vision system not only in Italy. Many of our customers are pharmaceutical companies from all over the world (American, Asian and European companies). Our assistance services, guaranteed on site for the whole time of the cooperation, are structured with a team of engineers all over the world.

The entire production chain is carried out within the industrial plant. The design is managed by our team of engineers, so to create machines customized for every need. We are now focused not only on the high quality of print but also on print super vision by camera systems.

Decoding and Print Quality Inspection
Late Stage Customization
Late Stage Customization of Cartons
Late Stage Customization of Labels
Print Vision for digital print

Vision system for digital print

Metapack has been developing vision system integrated on board the machines for over 20 years. The focus of our business is vision system and digital print of variable data such as 1-d codes, datamatrix, batch, expiry and so on.

All machines for serialization and mark & ​​verify have a DOD-UV or TIJ Print System. The on-board printing system is integrated with a vision print system by camera. The system guarantees print quality inspection and serial code management. Print vision system is integrated on the machine, placed after each print system.

Print vision system also guarantees the inspection not only of codes but also of images and logos. This system, named “vision image print”, is integrated on board the machine.

Metapack has developed machines even with 7 cameras to guarantee a super grade of inspection. This ensures a print super vision for each level of inspection. The digital vision print system is managed with COGNEX cameras integrated on the machines.

Reel vision print system

Metapack supplies Roll-to-Roll and Near-Line machines to print variable data on all kind of labels. Our range of label print machines integrates print vision system to guarantee print quality inspection. The reel vision print system is a key element for on-line and off-line machines.

Metapack develops machines for variable data printing on labels with one or two printing and print vision systems. This solution allows to print at very high speed on a larger print area. The reel vision print system is integrated on board the machine to guarantee print quality inspection.

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