Metapack Serialization Pharma
Metapack Serialization Pharma
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Russian Regulations: Serialization and aggregation


National Regulations about Russia Serialization have pursued the need for stricter drug tracking regulations, in order to counter the risk of counterfeiting, illegally imported or stolen drugs. A complete Track & Trace process, including serialization and aggregation, represents the best possible control because it even tells the whole history of a given product, from the manufacturer to the point of dispensing, giving the greatest transparency to all the supply chain.
Aggregation impacts serialization projects on the packaging lines throughout manufacturers’ operations and the overall supply chain. It provides any company involved in pharmaceutical packaging  the ability to build a serialized relationship among different chain phases.

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Russian serialization requirements


Russian latest serialization regulations allowed pharma companies to complete unit and batch level traceability untill 2020. Metapack has already implemented these regulations for its serialization and aggregation systems.
Russian serialization requires a 2D barcode on all individual units, with a GTIN, serial number, batch number, expiration date. In addition, Russian serialization also requires a Foreign Economic Activity Common Nomenclature (FEACN) code encoded on all 2D barcodes. Russian serialization will be centralized through a database called Federal State Information System for Monitoring Drug Circulation (FSIS MDC). Manufacturers will be expected to onboard the FSIS MDC and report all serial numbers and batch numbers to the centralized system.


Russian agreggation requirements


Under Russian serialization requirements  there is also a heavy emphasis on aggregation. Russia will be one of the few countries in the world where the aggregation of pharmaceutical products for tracking purposes is required.

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Why Serialization and Aggregation?


Packaging aggregation is a key element for tracking purposes of serialized productions, already mandatory in many legislations for pharma production and effective for any safe logistic chain.
Establishing parent-child relationship of packed products at various levels, such as bundle, shipping box or pallet, begins at the production line and it can be accomplished in different ways according to the automation level. Within our T&T range of solutions, Metapack can supply aggregation systems to be integrated on board bundle machines, case packers and palletisers, as well as semi-manual or manual systems, for each specific situation.


Most of our systems are for the pharmaceutical packaging processes.
Serialization solutions, product inspection and counting, digital printing on foils among our top solutions for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Metapack Serialization Aggregation Pharma Russian



Metapack supplies solutions and machines for identification and control of industrial products and processes. With more than 25 years of experience, we focus on digital printing and coding, machine vision and traceability software systems among our specific competences, integrated into specific solutions conceived for the most advanced requirements. Thanks to a strong and configurable structure, this solution can safely satisfy the needs related to the ever-changing trace ability regulations. The complete software suite covers from level 1 to level 3. It’s composed namely: Site Server, HMI Supervisor, Vision systems for serialization and aggregation.


Metapack Serialization Aggregation Pharma Russian

Print and inspection as one only process: Veri Code Software,  developed by Metapack, allows to manage any aspect of the print and camera set-up from the same HMI, regardless of the specific printing system adopted. The VeriCode systems are ready for serialization and communication with higher level software management modules or IT infastructures.


Metapack Serialization Aggregation Pharma Russian

Metapack produces machine series for the inline printing or roll to roll customization of adhesive labels with high quality DOD UV print process in pharma serialization processes. Our machines are able to print labels with any variable data, logos and ID codes, so to provide high quality digital printing on virtually any label material. A roll to roll machine for the centralized coding of labels, allowing to produce label lots for multiple lines.


Metapack Serialization Aggregation Pharma Russian

Since 2007, when we installed our first “Datamatrix” station, we have been continued to develop machines and solutions for the in-line and off-line pharma serialization. Our range of solutions can cope with virtually any requirements, when it comes to inline or offline pharma serialization processes.





Even in the 21st century, Italian manufacturing continues to be revered as some of the highest quality in the world. All machines and software are designed and phisically produced by our teem of engineers. Metapack is now ready to supply and support any serialization implementation, with an extended team of experts available all over the world.


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