Metaline manager – serialization software for aggregation processes

Metaline Manager is a complete and open solution for the line management of pharma serialization processes. MetaLine manager is a serialization software able to manage Serialization productions for lines composed of virtually any type of machine, in full compliance with the Level 2 Layer specifications specified by ANSI/EISA 95 standard.
It essentially a PC-based-station, with a desktop application that is able to interface the Machines on the line at the Level 1 with the Serialisation infrastructure of Level 3. Capable of managing any aggregation level, from Unit to Pallet, the METALINE MANAGER allows to connect to virtually any machine and it has an open protocol for connecting to virtually any Level 3 Software infrastructure for serialised production

Serialization software

MetaLine Manager is conceived to manage all the information with the machines that contributes to the serialised packaging process in a production line.

Up to four aggregation levels are managed:

Level zero (unit): Print and verify variable data on each product unit (e.g. Cartons)
Level one (bundle): Print and verify the serial data for Bundles containing Units (option)
Level two (case): Print and verify the serial data for Cases containing Bundles or Units
Level three (pallet): Print and verify the serial data for the Pallets containing Cases.

Once MetaLine Manager has opened a batch, it can be even temporarily disconnected by Level 3. However, the communication protocol allows for MetaLine Manager to communicate the status of the production order so that Level 3 can get a real-time view of how the production order develops on the line.

MetaLine manager is a software application developed according the 21CFR Part 11 and features:

• User login on the HMI by using selective passwords – Possibility to be integrated Domain Control of the Customer IT infrastructure
• Complete Audit/Trail capabilities
• Batch reporting.



The system includes all Level Two functions, according to ANSI/EISA 95.

  • Manage batch-based production, according to the associated variable data and serial numbers
  • Manage the opening of the production batch by interfacing with Level 3 and selecting the production order among the ones prepared by the Level 3 layer
  • Supervise the real-time dialog with each machine
  • Manage the ongoing production status of the line and offer real-time statistics of the serialised production at each stage of aggregation
  • Assure real-time consistency of the serialised numbers across their aggregation levels
  • At the ed of the batch, to transfer the serialised production data to Level 3 infrastructure.
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